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CMS was founded in 1995 with the promise to provide merchants low cost credit card processing and equipment along with personal service that the large processors could only hope to  provide.   We fully explain the fine print and do business the old fashion way, with the well being of our customers in mind.

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California Merchant Systems has earned its excellent reputation in the marketplace because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers.  We have selected industry leading merchant friendly processing gateways and low cost / high value state of the art equipment.  Our merchants can be assured to have minimal downtime in the future. 


Point of Sale Systems

Credit Card Terminals

Mobile Solutions

Computer Solutions

Online Merchant Integration

uAccept MB4000 Point of Sale System

The uAccept MB4000 offers your business a fully-integrated touch screen POS system with cloud-connected software to help you save time and money.

Every feature in the MB4000 is the same as the smaller models except for the large 15.6″ touch screen. The integrated magnetic reader, integrated printer, customer facing display, and an includes the same full size 5 bill cash drawer. 

uAccept MB3000 Point of Sale System

The uAccept MB3000 offers your business a fully-integrated 9.7" touch screen POS system with cloud-connected software to help you save time and money.  

The MB3000 provides enterprise class functionality including payment processing, text messaging, customer loyalty program, advanced analytics, and more, all in one easy to use device. 


uAccept MB2000 Point of Sale System

The uAccept MB2000 offers all of the features of the MB3000 at a smaller screen size and a smaller price.

Every feature in the MB2000 is the same as it’s bigger brother. The integrated magnetic reader, integrated printer, customer facing display, and it includes the same full size 5 bill cash drawer. 

UAccept Peripherals & Accessories

EMV / Debit PinPad

The compact MA150 EMV Reader retail PIN Pad is the unmatched option for adaptability and convenience.

External Printer

Impact printer. The perfect printer for the kitchen of your restaurant.

Bar Code Reader

Reduce your customers checkout  time with this portable Bar Code Reader including a flexible stand.

Encrypted Magnetic Card Reader

Accepting credit card payments on your POS is easy and customizable with merchant processing options.

Integrated Customer Display

Displays your customized message and outputs live pricing as the transaction is processed. 

Internal Printer (Available Optional External Printer)

Build your receipt to print with your company logo, name, address, and social media links. 

uAccept Cloud-Based Technology

View your business overview in one location

Unlimited Storage 

Secure - Affordable 

View daily, weekly, and monthly sales, access new notifications such as software updates, and use any of the Quick Links to access your account settings easily. 

Scheduled screen display.

Create customized screens to display combinations of products on your POS. Select the days, times, products, and layout for each screen display. You also have the option to modify product prices when adding products to your scheduled screen display, perfect for your “Happy Hour” or “Lunch Special” menu. 

Run reports for business analytics and to find specific data.

 View real time reports, including shift reports and daily reports. Analyze trends, set filters to find specific data, and view your sales by day, week, or month. 

Manage multiple POS devices in one account.

Whether you have one or one hundred stores, all data flows into your uAccept account. Growing your business to new locations is much easier with uAccept! 

Send data directly to QuickBooks™.

Your uAccept account saves you time with seamless QuickBooks integration. Sales are imported automatically from the POS to QuickBooks Online™. 

Any device, any time.

Stay on top of your business by accessing your cloud-based account from any Internet connected device. 

uAccept Customer Testimonials

uAccept customers rave about their powerful yet simple use uAccept POS systems.

The Simplicity of uAccept

Watch as the simplicity of the powerful Cloud-Based uAccept POS System is explained.

Credit / Debit Card / NFC - Apple Pay Terminals

Ingenico - ITC 220

Black and White Display 

Ingenico - ITC 250

Color Display

Ingenico - EMV / Debit PinPad

Color Display

Verifone - VX 520

Verifone - VX 520 & EMV / Debit PinPad

First Data - FD130 & EMV / Debit PinPad

Ingenico Roam Data Mobile Solutions

The reliable payments answer for mobile repair and sales companies.

Roam Data was the first to have a magnetic card reader for every phone produced.  From a Flip Phone, Blackberry, and iPhones you could accept credit cards.

Ingenico's Roam Data offers a combination EMV Chip and Magnetic Strip readers in two very reliable formats.  One reader attaches directly to the phone through the audio port or Bluetooth and the other connects via Bluetooth for those newer phones that do not have audio ports.

Computer Software

The Sterling Payment - Virtual Terminal

This a very cost efficient method for merchants that rarely have card present transactions.  The Sterling Payment Virtual Terminal is an excellent choice for merchants that have recurring billing such as pool cleaning companies, gardeners, boat cleaning, etc.

Online Merchant Credit Card Processing Integration

The Industry leader in card not present acceptance

ONLINE PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE: An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks from websites and deposit funds automatically into your merchant bank account. Our solutions are designed to save time and money for small- to medium-sized businesses. 

TELEPHONE / MAIL ORDERS: Submit transactions manually by entering payment details into our online Virtual Terminal. This feature is ideal for merchants who take mail or telephone orders from their customers. 

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